RE: Face off- Oct. 31

In a Face-Off column published Oct. 31, Quidara Russell wrote that the newly implemented NBA dress code “is obviously another way that corporate white NBA is trying to regulate black players and their culture.”Is professionalism not a part of black culture? To imply do-rags and chains are a part of black culture and that banning them is a racist move mocks the richness of black culture. The traditions and legacies that make up black culture amount to so much more than chains and do-rags. Professional athletes are just that– professionals. Any other working professional would be expected to maintain proper attire. Why shouldn’t athletes– regardless of color or race– be held to the same standard when representing his team?

Sincerely,Rahkia NanceReporterThe Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, N.Y.)Class of 2004

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