Braxton wins on ‘Libra’

After a three-year hiatus, a career spanning over a decade and six Grammy Awards later, Toni Braxton returns with her new CD, Libra.

This time around, unlike her previous albums, Braxton experiments with different producers and takes the back seat on writing. This formula works perfectly on this project.

The album opens with her hit single, “Please,” produced by Scott Storch. This song is proof that Braxton can hang with the young crowd and deliver the club-bangers. The song’s catchy hook and contagious strings, solidifies it as one of summer’s hottest cuts. This song could have gotten a lot more radio play and video spins.

The album flows into a possible second single, “Trippin (That’s The Way Love Works.” The song is reminiscent of Usher’s “Burn” and Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together.” This song definitely has the potential of being one of Braxton’s biggest hits to date.

This gut-wrenching testimony of what love truly represents will stay on repeat in your CD players. “Love is found way down in the trenches/ When he’s throwin a fit/And she is sittin there crying/We tear it up/To patch it up/Break up/To make up.” Braxton sings this song in ways that send you into a trance of thought.

Arguably one of the hottest tracks on the record is the go-go infused, “Take This Ring.” Produced by Rich Harrison, the track is something that we are not used to hearing from Braxton. The infectious harmonies and raw percussions deliver a hot record with gem potential. I can’t help but listen to this song over and over again.

One of, if not, my personal favorite track on this album is “S’posed to Be.” Unlike most songs today, this one talks about the good things men do in relationships. I see Toni is happy in her marriage! It is about time that men get a song in their favor. I never had to check his story/And worry about him when he’s gone/Cause even when he’s not at home/He’s right where he said he’d be/I Never go to bed frustrated/And I never ever ever have to fake it/Cause when he comes our love makin’/He always seems to please. This track makes you want to kick off your shoes, sit back and listen to what Toni has to say. And you will, trust me.

Libra is definitely a CD you can listen to from beginning to end. Other highlights include, the addictive “Midnite,” the Tupac-sampled “What’s Good” and vocally amazing “I Wanna Be (Your Baby).” The only downfall to this album is that it’s too short with only 10 tracks. I enjoyed everything she gave but wanted a couple of more tracks.

Toni Braxton continues to set herself apart from other female artists of today. She has the vocals, looks and appeal to compete with any youngster today.

Libra debuted at Number Four on the Billboard Charts last week and sold 114,000 units in its first week. I am sure many more will fly of the shelves. What we need to understand is Toni Braxton is a legend and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in music. Great job Mrs. Braxton.

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