Payroll shortage cuts city jobs

More turmoil exists in the chaotic city of New Orleans. According to Mayor Ray Nagin, he is forced to lay off more than 3,000 city workers because there is a payroll shortage.

It is unfortunate that the victims of hurricane Katrina continue to encounter economic hardships. The job cuts will probably be permanent, but they will only affect employees in recreation, housing, finance, technology, law and economic development departments.

Before the hurricane, the payroll was $20 million a month, but now stands at $8 million.

There is no need to point fingers. Nagin said that he has checked with state financial sources and local banks for possible funding, but he hasn’t had any luck.

We believe that Nagin is doing his best to help the residents of New Orleans during this difficult time.

However, who is going to fund the labor to fix this once-lively city?

President George Bush is working with Congress to pay for most of the damage. For someone whose response to the hurricane wasn’t the swiftest, Bush is stepping up to the plate and trying to help these victims.

We presume Congress will be able to allocate these funds by cutting spending limits. Whatever it takes for these now unemployed and homeless people of New Orleans to get back on their feet, we are all for it.

We hope that the unemployed citizens of New Orleans find jobs and regain their economic stability.

The citizens of New Orleans repeatedly experience odds that have not been in their favor. However, at the end of every storm is a rainbow. And their pot of gold is waiting at the end.