What you missed: TV week in review

Desperate Housewives(ABC): “You’ll never get away from me”

Bree’s mother-in-law gets her in some trouble with the law while Lynnette, busy in her role as the working-mom, misses Parker’s first day of kindergarten. Susan is working hard to accept Eddie’s new role in Julie’s life and Gabrielle runs into John again.

One on One: “House Dad”

Breanna’s roommates feel that they need a little more supervision, so they nominated Flex as their “house dad.” Without knowing, Flex extends his hospitality too far and Breanna’s roommates run up his hotel bill. Now they have to figure out a way to pay the bill without him finding out.

All of Us: “Kiss, Kiss, Pass”

After the recent breakup with his fiancé, Robert finally decides to go back to the dating scene. He ends up meeting a woman, who understands his family situation, but there was one problem, she used to date Dirk.

Girlfriends: “And Nanny Makes Three”

Toni’s selfishness reaches an all new level during the first week of having her baby at home. She goes against Todd’s wishes and hires a nanny to take care of their child. In the meantime, Joan gets upset because J-Spot is not doing well and her friends are not helping.

Half & Half: “The Big Frozen Assets Episode”

Dee Dee is offered the job of her dreams by accident. Meanwhile, for her birthday, Mona gets some very disturbing news from her mother. Corey Maggette (Los Angeles Clippers) and Mark Steines (“Entertainment Tonight”) guest starred in the episode.

Everybody Hates Chris: “Everybody Hates Basketball”

“Is it because I’m Black?” Chris gets get recruited for his schools basketball team all because of the color of his skin. The bad part is he is horrible at playing basketball, adding to his string of constant humiliation. At home, his family decides to rent out their upstairs bedrooms.

Love Inc.: “Mad About You”

Denise is hoping to find the gorgeous man that she met on the subway by going to the place they met over and over again. Essence Atkins guests stars as a new, hard to please client for Love Inc. named Renee. The staff is having a very hard time meeting all of her demands in order to find her

“soul mate.”

Eve: “Three Divas, No Style”

Janie and Rita decide to create there own line of items for DivaStyle after Shelly puts down their ideas. In the meantime, J.T. realizes that med school isn’t as easy as he thought.

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