Royal court: Behind the smiles and the waves

So it’s game day, halftime starts and FAMU’s royal court approaches the field. You see pretty smiles, fresh hair dos and well-coordinated outfits. It all makes you stop and wonder, who are these people and what are their stories?

Freshman Attendant

Sheerie Edwards

Pageant volunteer Stefanie Kenchen described Edwards as the most quiet, and one of the most gracious, out of all the contestants running for freshman attendant.

“Sheerie was the first out of very few girls to approach me with gratitude and thank me for my help at their practices,” said Kenchen.

A third generation Rattler, Edwards knew as a child that FAMU would be her future home.

“I choose to attend FAMU for various reasons. One reason is my family history is here, another is because of the pharmacy program and because it is an HBCU. Also, I love the school spirit,” the Miami native said.

The 19-year-old pharmacy student said being freshman attendant has opened many doors for her.

“I have gotten a chance to meet people that I probably would never have crossed paths with if it was not for my title,” she said.

“Everyday I learn new facts and history about this university. As I learn new things, I want to teach others and I will fulfill that with my title,” Edwards said.

Sheerie Edwards said she is an all-around girl who enjoys her FAMU experience.

Sophomore Attendant

K’Asha-amor Franklin

Diverse, open, optimistic, friendly and God-fearing all describe sophomore attendant K’Asha-amor Franklin.

Franklin said her good-natured personality comes from a diverse upbringing.

“I grew up in a single parent home in Washington, DC. I lived with my mother and during my sophomore year in high school I moved to stay with my dad in Virginia,” said Franklin.

“Being sophomore attendant can be hard at times, the social aspect is just what I expected and more; the stressful part is certain things I can or cannot do being a known face on campus. I try to set boundaries to maintain a good image,” Franklin said.

She has been working diligently to reach the goals on her platform.

“The freshman attendant and I have started a community project called ‘Love’. The project will start next semester; this semester we are just laying the foundation,” Franklin said.

Although she enjoys representing the University, sometimes Franklin said she just wants to be herself.

“Sometimes I just want to be Kay, but I love having this position so I just take the good with the bad,” Franklin said.

Junior Attendant

Stephanie Evans

Junior Attendant Stephanie Evans is a Fort Lauderdale native from a religious background.

“I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me,” said the 20-year-old elementary education student.

Evans is a very well rounded young lady, said Tiffany Everett, a student in the junior class.

“Growing up in a Christian atmosphere, and having my parents get back together and separate made me adapt to change,” Evans said.

Evans admits that being on the royal court is something she has yet to get used to.

“Being on the court is a different experience, and is a change,” she said.

The one thing that she doesn’t like about being on the royal court is when people look at the court and think that’s it, she said.

“There is a lot more to us,” Evans said.

Aside from their academic responsibilities, the court’s No. 1 duty is recruitment, and with that comes traveling.

“This semester there has not been an ample amount of things the court has done on campus, but it is not that we aren’t working for our student body,” Evans said.

For people on the outside looking in, the court may seem to lack involvement on campus outside from football games.

“Most of our work is done off campus and out of town at the recruitment fairs, so it is hard for your class to see what you do, but please know that we are working hard for you and look out for the events to come,” Evans said.

Senior Attendant

Courtney Harris

Anything can be achieved through determination, and determined is an understatement to the qualities of senior attendant Courtney Harris.

The 21-year-old physical therapy student from Durham, S.C. worked, volunteered and became a member of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and maintained a 4.0 grade point average while she campaigned for her position during the spring semester.

“With faith, belief in yourself and in your future, anyone can accomplish their goals; all it takes is a try,” Harris said.

Harris’ service to the senior class includes several efforts to unite its members.

“My goal is to bring the senior class back together. I want us to have the same drive we had our freshman year,” Harris said.

Next year, Harris plans to complete her graduate studies for physical therapy at the University of South Florida or the University of Miami.

Graduate Attendant

Bianca Lee

Representing the position of graduate attendant is Bianca Lee of Atlanta.

The 22-year-old fifth year business administration student is also a member of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

“I love being graduate attendant, it is a great experience, there is such a great level of excitement of the seniors at the different recruitment fairs that I will cherish forever,” Lee said.

Since being elected graduate attendant, Lee said she is trying to launch a graduate column in The Famuan.

Lee also wants to give students a better opportunity within the University and other graduate schools.

“I am currently working on my mentorship program which will link undergraduate students to graduate students, while the graduate students will link up with people in the professional world,” Lee said.

Lee said she is grateful for the graduate attendant position.”I want to thank the graduate class for electing me as its attendant, if anyone has any questions, your open to address me at anytime,” Lee said.

Now that we have introduced the attendants, it is time to take a look at the men who assist them in their courtly duties.

“The royal court escorts consist of Shane Jordon, Robert Mitchell, Barry

Pearson, Kelvin Savage, Jonnie Tangle and Kilian Toms, who are all a great asset to our court,” said Ryan Morand, Mr. FAMU.

The escorts have to be gentleman at all times while on duty.

Their tasks consist of fixing food for the attendants, making sure they are awake on time, walking them to their designated areas and other common courtesy activities.

The most underestimated positions on the court is King and Queen of Orange and Green.

With this position, there is a lot to live up to.

Lauren Fleming, from Tampa, and Chase Rogers, from Chicago, have to keep school spirit alive at on-campus events like football games.

“People expect me to be crunk at all times,” Fleming said.

“Yes, we are spirit leaders, but we are also regular people, we are not jumping jacks,” Rodgers included.

Students on the royal court represent you and serve as the faces for the University.

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