Juanita Jordan gets her just deserts: half of a dynasty

It’s hard to believe that some men have the mindset that Juanita Jordan is out to

“get” Michael in the midst of their divorce.

The common belief among the brothers is that she suckered poor Mike into marriage, the trifling skeezer.

Yet no one has managed to catch that if Michael hadn’t ridden Juanita bareback almost 14 years ago, I wouldn’t be writing this column.

Let’s not get it twisted. I question the motives of any woman who serves a man paternity papers during basketball practice. But whether the Jordans were suffering from young love or Juanita got pregnant on accident, or whether Juanita scraped a used condom out of the trash, froze it and got inseminated, Mrs. Jordan deserves half.

What, Juanita didn’t have the right to serve His Airness with papers? It was his kid, wasn’t it?

Juanita’s out to get what she deserves, and she should. Which one do you think Juanita really wants – half of Jordan’s millions or a loving husband by her side?

Four times Michael has stood up with a jersey – twice as a Bull, once as a Baron and once as a Wizard – and Juanita was there for the last three.

While Mike was playing every sport his heart desired, attending charity events, gambling away the kids’ college funds or filming commercials, Juanita tucked his children in at night. When Jordan’s father was murdered, Juanita consoled her husband. Behind every great man is a great woman, and Juanita Jordan is no exception.

Money can’t hold you when you’ve had a bad day. You can’t make love to a new car. A 25,000 square foot house won’t take care of you when you’re sick. Sure, money is nice, wonderful even. But from what the old folks have told me, money can’t replace love.

Personally, I’d rather have $200 million, but that’s because I’m twenty. I’m sure I’ll feel different at thirty. I’m sure Juanita Jordan feels that way now. But $200 million is a fantastic way to start a new life. Give that woman her half!

J. Danielle Daniels, 20, is a sophomore political science student from Dallas. She can be reached at rattlerbrat@hotmail.com. She serves as the Deputy Opinions Editor.