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Rep. Rayner-Goolsby fights the good fight

Michele Rayner-Goolsby has become a beacon of hope for her community. Representing marginalized people as the first openly Lesbian in the Florida House, Rayner-Goolsby is fighting to protect the liberties being challenged by the state. Born in Pinellas, Rep. Rayner Goolsby, D-Hillsborough, sought a career in law after graduating from […]

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FAMU DRS pays tribute to alum Brian Lamb

FAMU DRS held “FBOG Chairman Brian Lamb Day” today in recognition of alumnus Brian Lamb. It began with an assembly for Lamb to celebrate “Brian Lamb Day.” Lamb, newly installed as chairman of the Florida Board of Governors, grew up in Tallahassee and graduated from FAMU DRS. Throughout his career, […]