Author: Tatyanna Mccray | Staff Writer


The switch up is crazy

Celebrity circles, glamor, Hollywood, and reverence prestige are all a part of the everyday norm for celebrities, but what happens when it all comes crashing down? Most celebrities or public figures who live their lives on the world’s stage for all of society to see are not strangers to controversy; […]


SJGC kicks off search for more faculty

Faculty in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication held a Zoom meeting Friday to continue the search for an associate dean of student success. At the start of the meeting, Sonya Stephens, who has served as SJGC’s associate dean since March 2020, greeted everyone and listed the rules and […]


Women’s reproductive rights are in jeopardy

The reproductive system of women is innovative, symbolizing women as complimentary figures with the ability to create life. Pregnancy and abortion within the state of Florida is at stake, since the most recent overturn of Roe VS. Wade. The executive decision to overturn Roe V. Wade has stricken anxiety and […]