Women’s reproductive rights are in jeopardy

Photo courtesy: Tatyanna McCray

The reproductive system of women is innovative, symbolizing women as complimentary figures
with the ability to create life. Pregnancy and abortion within the state of Florida is at stake, since
the most recent overturn of Roe VS. Wade. The executive decision to overturn Roe V. Wade has
stricken anxiety and disbelief in the lives of many women across the country. On average,
women learn they’re pregnant around 4 to 7 weeks; However, in contrast, studies have found one
in three women learn they are expecting after this duration of time.

Alise Sloan a senior, public relations major does not agree with the recent changes made
affecting the freedom of choice for women regarding abortion.

“The recent bill passed is not fair, and the overturn of Roe v. Wade makes me feel this country is
going backwards and it affects so many things including complications during pregnancy and has
changed my perception of the freedom of choice for us as women.”

The HB 5 reducing fetal and infant mortality act runs the risk of issues with infringement of
section 23 of Florida’s constitution. Only a few exceptions are made for expectant mothers, and
prior to the procedure being performed, two physicians are required to provide signed plausible
documentation to prevent being fined and facing felony charges.

Sophomore pre-nursing student Imani Reed believes the new abortion laws target women of
color. “I believe there will be an increase in the number of women dealing with depression,
anxiety, and suicide,” Reed said. “I think women of color will be affected the most since we
already experience higher levels of inequality in the medical field.”

The current state of uncertainty causes concern regarding contraceptives; constant discussion of
access to birth control and rights to abortion have been a reoccurring topic. Although women are
essential in the process of creating life, every woman does not desire to become a mother. More
potentially dangerous situations could arise from unwanted pregnancy such as post-partum, and a
rise in mother/child mortality rates, especially among black women.

Sophomore, Pre-nursing student Kyana Hack feels women should be allowed to be more vocal
when it comes to decisions surrounding motherhood. “I believe that this should be a choice for
women to make, trying to force a woman to have children is absurd and men should not have the
power to dictate such.”

Although motherhood and domestication has been marked down in history as a required natural
born skill for women, women are not one-dimensional beings whose lives start and end with
child bearing and child rearing. Pregnancy and the gift of life are beautiful wonders of the world,
but no one should be forced into a reality they do not wish to coexist in. The decision of abortion
will always be controversial, emotional and a difficult one to make, grace is needed, and the
safety and comfort of women is what matters most at such a delicate time.