Author: Napierra Nicole


What are Uber’s next steps toward security?

Courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch Since the beginning of the year, it’s safe to assume that Uber Technologies has been running into many problems concerning their safety policies. One thing for sure about this company is that they’re not trying to pick up another lawsuit like the two-class action lawsuits […]


Zika Virus found in Pregnant Women

Courtesy of Women's Fitness The Zika virus is vastly making its way through the United States and now the government claims the Zika infection has been confirmed in nine pregnant women in the U.S., three of whom resides in Florida. The Zika virus is mainly spread through mosquito bites and […]


Local rapper holds listening party at FAMU

Courtesy of J. Kelly Local hip-hop artist Jonathan Kelly, artistically known as J. Kelly, held a listening party at his alma mater, Florida A&M University to seek constructive criticism and promotion for his upcoming album “Controlled Substance” on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Born and raised in Tallahassee, J. Kelly grew up […]


Rattlers Strike Back to Stand By Mangum

FAMU students prepare to march down to the governor's office in support of University President Mangum. Photo courtesy of Napierra Nicole Early Thursday morning Florida A&M University's Board of Trustees called an emergency meeting via teleconference in the president’s conference room where a three-hour hasty discussion involved two attempts at terminating […]