Author: Nadia Lloyd | Staff Writer


Epilepsy Awareness Day serves as a reminder

As the world marks Epilepsy Awareness Day on March 26, the hue of purple unfurls as a powerful symbol, illuminating the path towards understanding, support and advocacy for those affected by seizures and epilepsy, but also as a poignant reminder of the resilience and strength embodied by those living with […]


Meet JB Dreamz

Meet the lyrical maestro whose words paint vivid narratives and melodies that resonate with the pulse of the streets, JB Dreamz is a up and coming rap artist whose journey from humble beginnings is elevating to greater heights on and off the campus of Florida A&M University. Joshua Lemuel Brown, […]


Katt Williams at the Civic Center Saturday

Laughter is set to fill Tallahassee’s airwaves when acclaimed comedian, rapper and actor Katt Williams graces the capital city with his uproarious comedy show, “The Dark Matter Tour.” Williams has more than two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, and a long repertoire of practice with other celebrities. The […]


Some students fast during Lent

The month of February recognizes a series of celebrations including Black History Month, American Heart Month, and, earlier this week, Ash Wednesday, which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day this year. This period of fasting during Lent for some is a way to not only cleanse your heart physically, but […]


How to battle ‘the freshman 15’

Going to college can be a new and exciting experience for incoming students. Many have heard of the adage, “the freshman 15,” but is this an accurate phrase? What is this caused by? There are copious theories and reasons as to what triggers this weight change, and as time goes […]


Coloring books celebrate Black brilliance

Black affirmation coloring books are a new hands-on item encouraging young Black boys and girls to continue to love themselves around the world. The “I like who I am” affirmation coloring book is just one of many created by artist Eric Colson aimed to build up the Black community. Colson […]


Student, FAMU bump heads over podcast promotion

Aja Waseem, a third-year broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University, has her podcast, “Wassup Waseem.” Earlier this month, Waseem had an eye-opening encounter with the Florida A&M administration regarding promoting her show on campus. She said “Wassup Waseem” was created to discuss growth and essential topics among the Gen-Z […]


Study abroad veterans urge others to give it a try

Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience for students as they connect with other cultures and countries while furthering their scope of education. At Florida A&M University, students have the opportunity to learn more about how to access these excursions at the upcoming Study Abroad Fair. Students such as Braxton […]