Some states ignore science in rush to reopen

Photo courtesy India Mart

Wearing a mask has become a way of life for most Americans.

Thursday, March 11 marked one year since the United States declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

While the majority of states are continuing to take the necessary precautions to protect the general public from the deadly virus, other states have chosen to eliminate safety measures that were in place.

“The numbers are inevitable due to our government officials not doing what was necessary in the beginning. The deaths will continue as long as we have unvaccinated people and no restrictions. The beauty and curse is that everybody makes their own rules. From states, to counties to individual places of business,” traveling nurseVenus Kondrad said.

Currently, the six states that recently lifted mask mandates are Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota and Texas.

The governors of Alabama and Wyoming will be following in those footsteps, as they have set expiration dates for their states’ mask orders.

“I do believe that people are experiencing extreme COVID and mask fatigue, which can lead to pressure put on lawmakers to decrease or abolish mask mandates. People often tend to work against their own best interests.  I still see people die from COVID on a regular basis. It’s a lonely, terrible way to die. People who value their own lives and the lives of others should absolutely continue to take the recommended precautions,” said local nurse Sarah Nash.

As vaccinations continue to roll out to Americans and COVID cases appear to be decreasing, many states are beginning to ease up on additional restrictions in efforts to improve the economy.

While many healthcare officials disapprove of the governor’s decision, Texas has opened all businesses again at 100% capacity.