Tyler Perry retires Madea and the viewers agree that it is time

Madea's Departure.
Photo Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios.

The debut of American actor, producer and director Tyler Perry’s latest film “A Madea Family Funeral,” fell short of awe as many viewers were disappointed in the final screenplay featuring his created character Madea.

Madea is known as a comical, elderly black woman who many black Americans relate to as they may have their own “Madea” in their family. The name comes from the phrase “mother dear.” The producer said that the character was inspired by his aunt and grandmother.   

While he has certainly heightened the presence of comedy in his recent films each storyline continues to have a familiar thread of Christian undertones as well as family dysfunction; thus, enabling many viewers to connect with the stories on an intimate level.

“It is definitely the end of an era now that we won’t have Madea on the big screen anymore – but I hope that Tyler Perry widens his range and tells more stories,” moviegoer Kayla Oden said.

The foundational elements of wisdom and spirituality draw near to the core of Perry’s beginnings. Unfortunately, his earlier fans believe his content has gotten watered down due to a saturation of cheap comedy in his recent screenplays.

“I watched a few of his earlier films but could never get into these newer ones. They’re just too corny and they all seem the same,” senior industrial engineering major Bryan Anderson said.

Many moviegoers initially thought that his latest film would show the death of his beloved character Madea, yet they were bummed to see that it was just another dysfunctional family dramedy.

“It wasn’t what I expected. I thought Madea was going to die since everyone was saying this is the last Madea movie,” moviegoer Jasmine Taylor said.

Since 1998 Perry has had 21 works featuring Madea, 12 are films and the remaining nine are plays. As time has progressed he lessened Madea’s role as a beacon of guidance to a character of comics.

While the views are mixed on the retirement of Madea, Perry couldn’t appear to be happier himself.

“I’m happy to kill [her], I’m tired, man,” said Perry. “I just don’t want to be her age, playing her.”

Perry is now 49-years-old and Madea is somewhere in her 60s. The director’s career has reached phenomenal heights being that he is one of the only African American studio owners to maintain deals with several other major motion picture companies like Lionsgate, OWN, and Viacom.

It is unsure of what is next for the actor, producer and director but it is certain that the creator is far from finished.