Election Night Analysis Featuring Keith Simmonds


This is a historic presidential election, from the first woman nominee to the first nominee with no political experience.

Keith Simmonds, a Florida A&M University political science professor, analyzed the election.

Simmonds says this election season has been unique, especially when it comes to the candidates.

“I think most times we have individuals that want more continuity than change. But in [Trump’s] case, he wants to shake up the system. But one wonders whether his ideas are best for the the future of America,” Simmonds said.

Simmonds also noted the importance of the state of Florida.

“Florida has 29 electoral votes. If you think of 29 electoral votes for Florida and 55 for California, that should tell you whoever captures those two they are well on the way to the White House,” Simmonds says.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been rocked with scandals. Trump has several sexual assualt cases overshadowing his campaign while Clinton's email scandal has clouded her run. Voters are considering these scandals when they cast their ballots.

Simmonds says that each candidate's character is playing a large role in the election.

“We talk about high negatives. We have extremely high negatives when it comes to Hillary Clinton, but we also have the same when it comes to Donald Trump. So I would say that on both sides you have some high negatives and they have distracted us from the essential issues of the time,” Simmonds said.

However, Simmonds says the changing demographics of the country is playing a big role in American politics.

He pointed out that the percentage of white people has dropped about 20p ercent since he came to the United States from the Saint Kitts in the early 1970s.
Now their is a growing population of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans.

 Simmonds predicts that this population shift will create change.

“You have a very large influx of Hispanics. The African-American community has grown. The Asian-American population is coming on strong. And so we are looking at that segment of our population that is emphasizing change."