Event patrol should be equitable

Morale at Florida A&M University is definitely on the up and up. Especially after the football team’s recent win against Howard University.

Also, several business students made history in a national case competition, making FAMU the first university and only historically black college to win the competition for two consecutive years.

Despite these wonderful achievements, we still have miles to go. Many of us noticed the need for more advocates on the university’s behalf during this weekend’s festivities.

Unfortunately, a blatant double standard exists between FAMU and Florida State University. There are certain behaviors to be expected during a game weekend, especially when FSU is sparring against another team. But some of the behavior exhibited was downright disgusting.

There were tons of people lined up all over Tennessee Street with bottles and cups in their hands. Some were passed out drunk on sidewalks and others were driving obnoxiously around the town, endangering other people.

All while this was going on, there wasn’t a police car in sight. But these extreme celebratory acts reminded me of another time of year that means a lot to many Rattlers and the surrounding community-FAMU’s Homecoming.

Last year there were so many police officers on duty, you would have thought Barack Obama was in town.It was hard to drive around Tallahassee with a bottle of diet Coke without feeling a little antsy.

Yet anyone in a Seminole jersey seems to have the freedom to walk around publicly inebriated. Well that sounds like a definite double standard.

The Tallahassee Police Department needs to be more balanced with the way they treat each school on every game day.

Although this could be the perfect time to pull the race card, there’s no need. But it’s never too late to do right by the people you have been designated to protect and serve.

Yewande Addie for the Editorial Board.