Students must favor Bryant’s agenda

The votes are in and the students at FAMU are in favor with the new changes Interim President Castell Vaughn Bryant seeks to implement.

On Wednesday night in the Grand Ballroom, Bryant discussed how she plans to make “students first.” She also stated that she would like the students of FAMU to demand expectations for her.

I like the new interim president’s stern but friendly attitude. She answered the questions of the student body about individual colleges and schools within the University with a smile. The majority of the questions asked, Bryant had already taken care of or was in the process of retrieving stats from hired consultants. Good job, Bryant.

“Don’t try me,” Bryant said, as she spoke on non-traditional dances that some students do on stage at commencement. She said graduation is for the students of FAMU and their family. I totally agree with her. Please don’t make a fool of yourself at such a prestigious event with your steps or dances that are not rehearsed prior to your attempt.

Bryant also noted that she has seen young men on the campus with their pants sagging and hanging below their waist.

I have also seen the young men as they struggle to walk from class to class. WE ARE IN COLLEGE. Also, young ladies, please stop wearing your off-white bedroom shoes to class.

It is highly recognized that Bryant does not lack intelligence. She’s been well-trained on the issues that a college campus encounters.

She also mentioned her major decision at the University to move the career center to the Student Services building. Bryant replied that the reason for this is so that the center can be more assessable to students, especially seniors that will be going into the work force.

Bryant said all guidelines will be met by governmental deadline and the students will know what the deadlines are.

She addressed issues regarding financial aid, funding programs on a Master’s level, such as the Physics department and most importantly getting deans for the major schools and colleges within the University.

“My tenure here will not be as a woman but as a president,” Bryant said.”I am not focused on being the first woman, but just being here at FAMU.”

Overall, Bryant seems to have good intentions for the university and appears people friendly. I feel the university is definitely in for a productive awakening.

Anthony S. Ray Jr., 23, is a senior newspaper journalism student from Miami. He is The Famuan’s Online Editor. Contact him at