Student Senators get Straight to Business

Student Government Association President, Tonette Graham, addressed the student body and offered student leaders a few words of advice.

“Make sure you stay on top of your school work, and check in with your professors. We are students first before we are student leaders,” said Graham.

Graham also informed the leaders that a student package is in the works for the Orlando Classic, but it seems a day trip might be in order due to high cost in traveling and transportation.

Rashida McKay gave insight on Operation Christmas Child, a program that provides Christmas presents and toiletry items for children in need. She enlighten the leaders on what items are needed, the amount of volunteer hours given for each donated item, and the maximum amount of hours one is able to receive.

“Think I’m helping a child who needs these things,” McKay said. “The fact that 20 kids may have to share a toothbrush, your one toothbrush in the box can make a difference.”

Jeremy Dixon was confirmed as the Director of Speaker and Lobbying. He was asked a series of questions to prove his knowledge of the field he was being confirmed for and of the SGA; he was also asked questions to explain his platform and what he will do in the position.

“I want this position because I can serve the student body.We have a lot of things happening this election season and I want to make sure we are active for the next four years,” Dixon said.

Discussion was presented before voting began, afterward, the meeting continued to a roll call vote; 29 for and zero against, the position was confirmed.

The new business presented was to transfer funds from the Student Activity and Service accounts to the Carry- Forward account. There was a total of $400,000 of A&S funds not spent, with the money being transferred it allows for the needs of different clubs and organizations to be entertained.

Darien Burrell-Clay, the Senate president also stressed the importance of the event the senators are hosting this upcoming Thursday; the Strike Out Showcase, previously known as the Coleman Showcase, which raised funds for the Coleman Library.

“This year we decided to shift the direction and the focus, of the event and make it more meaning and purposeful, for something that affects students; especially African American students in our community. So we decided to make the focus diabetes awareness,” Clay said. “So we wanted to have an event where people will enjoy coming, but will have an opportunity to learn about something that is effecting our community.”

The meeting was shorter than usual because another meeting followed shortly after. Clay was holding a meeting to better acquaint his fellow senators as they prepare for an upcoming trip.