Author: Jason Bogan | Staff writer


New name for FAMU Village

Florida A&M University’s housing department recently announced that the residence hall, FAMU Village, would be changing its name back to its original name, Polkinghorne Village.  In 2013, FAMU Village was opened to the public as a new residence hall, but the history that came before it will never be lost […]


Taco Bell incident alarms community

A 32-year-old woman named Mia Williams, reportedly set a woman on fire at the Taco Bell on South Monroe St. before vacating the premises Wednesday around 6 pm. Police are now in search of Williams. The victim was taken away by flight, once the authorities were notified. Photos from surveillance […]


Homecoming grads are back 2019

Grads are back kicked off Thursday with a bang as students started to fill the Lee Hall auditorium. The colloquium consisted of a Q&A panel with Dean Michelle Ferrier and Global Innovation Marketing Director for Pepsi, Stefan K. James. They sat feet across from each other in the middle of […]