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Do not go outside when states reopen early

Numerous governors across the United States have plans to reopen their states early for economic reasons, and not because it is safe. The coronavirus pandemic has put a pause on life for America. This pause included closing non-essential businesses for more than a month, but it did not include pausing […]


Celebrating a birthday while quarantined

Celebrating a birthday while quarantined has become the new normal thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has made the words quarantine, social distancing, and stay-at-home a part of the new normal. COVID-19 is the latest pandemic the world has seen in the last 100 years. Before COVID-19 the 1918 influenza […]


Adjusting to an extended stay at home

The coronavirus pandemic has many college students around the country back home with their parents for the remainder of the spring semester. Colleges and universities across the nation were forced to close their doors to their students and begin online virtual learning amid the spread of COVID-19. This has left […]


Beach closures alter spring break plans for some

FORT LAUDERDALE — The coronavirus pandemic took a toll on South Florida beaches, especially for the Millennialand Gen Z crowds who traveled to the Sunshine State for spring break. South Florida is a hot spot for spring breakers. According to Exploring in Florida, spring break is Florida’s biggest source of […]

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The best and worst days to buy gas

Buying gas is second nature to car owners, but knowing when gas prices increase and decrease can help drivers save on fill-ups. Eddy Victor, a Tallahassee resident, owns a Mitsubishi Galant and likes to purchase fuel near his job. “My car takes 87 regular, nothing major. My favorite gas station […]


Biology student by day, DJ by night

Gensen Surpris, also known as DJ Zoe Crazy, has found the perfect balance between his academic endeavors and his passion. Surpris, 20, is a proud Atlanta native. He was born in Florida but raised as an only child by his parents in Atlanta. “Atlanta was a good place for my […]


Black History Month is special for many at FAMU

Florida A&M University students honor their black heritage year-round, but February is special – it is Black. History Month, four weeks in which black achievements and culture are celebrated. A significant change took place in 1976, when it went from Negro History Week to an entire month nationally designated to […]


Lake Tribe hosts popular lobster food truck

The nationally acclaimed Cousins Maine Lobster docked its traveling food truck Saturday at Lake Tribe Brewing Company. From the crowded roadways to the parking lot, all paths in northwest Tallahassee led to the line for Cousins Maine Lobster. Customers were excited and eager to taste creative Maine-caught lobster creations. Cousins […]


A chili cook-off for a good cause

The Episcopal Church of The Advent celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. weekend Saturday as it raised funds for diversity scholarships with the second annual Bowls & Brews Chili Cook-Off. Warm welcomes and warm bowls — the Bowls & Brews Chili Cook-Off had both. The congregation of the Episcopal Church of […]