Author: Briona Hopkins | Staff writer


Does maturity come with age?

Wisdom is known to be tied with age, but does your age correlate with maturity? Those who are younger tend to assume and have been taught that wisdom comes with age. Elders tend to look down on those who are younger. Adulthood is marked with extra responsibility and knowledge, but […]


Is social media censorship OK?

Social media has become such a huge aspect of our social interactions, jobs and daily life, but behind social media is the opportunity to spread awareness on current social issues. With the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas or sexual assault being brought to light, many people have been feeling […]


Students wary as presidential election looms

Election season is upon us — Florida’s presidential primary took place last week — and many students are drained and nervous about the possible results for the 2024 presidential election.  It looks like there will be another matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Students are getting flashback memories from […]


Dissecting fast fashion ‘theft’

In the modern era of fashion, the internet has made access to clothing accessible to many.  You want that new look you’ve seen Beyonce rocking? Simply search for that same item and you can find it at a cheaper price.  That may sound like a deal in theory, but designers […]


Does your birth order affect your personality?

Siblings can provide long lasting family memories and produce bonds that will last through time, but can your birth order affect your personality?  Psychologists and psychiatrists have explored data that may lead toward a connection within our environment and personality. Some studies have confirmed the idea that your sibling position […]


Are award shows outdated?

Many people have been chatting about the recent 66th Annual Grammy Awards. Some people were disappointed in the verdicts, while others simply didn’t care. The Grammys pulled in an average of 17.09 million viewers, according to ratings from Nielsen. That number was an increase since the pandemic, which has not […]


Are real friendships a thing of the past?

The new millennium has brought many changes, such as the way we commute, communicate and even how we handle our friendships. Social media has changed the way we stay connected in this technologically-based world. Some may say that mechanical way of operating can carry on within our friendships. The pandemic, […]


White House proves elusive for Florida politicians

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gearing up for the presidential election taking place in 2024. Many are worried and some are hopeful regarding DeSantis’ chances. According to the polls, the odds that DeSantis will win the Republican nomination are slim and not improving. This is in keeping with how other […]