Author: Audriana Thomas | Staff writer


Igniting ‘The Glo’ from home

Gyms around the country have closed amid the coronavirus outbreak.  However, some fitness centers have utilized the circumstances as an opportunity to rebrand themselves. The Glo, a fitness studio in Northeast Tallahassee, decided that now was the time to go digital. The Glo is a relatively new business with less […]


Legislature unlikely to tackle gun violence

Democratic lawmakers in South Florida are pushing for an Urban Core Gun Violence task force. Two bills aimed at reducing Florida’s gun violence issues are currently working through the Legislature, which will conclude its 2020 session in a little more than a week. The proposal would create a 10 member […]


End of course evaluations draw criticism

At the end of each term, students and faculty take time to reflect on the semester that is coming to a close. While Florida A&M University collects course evaluations, many students do not see the purpose in participating. While these assessments allow students to share their perspective on how the […]


Census Bureau seeks part-time employees

The Census Bureau has begun recruiting new hires as it prepares for the 2020 Census. The early recruitment efforts will play an essential role in the upcoming population count. The Census Bureau has stated that hiring is “tough when unemployment is low.” The U.S. unemployment rate hit a 50-year low […]


Report: Drug abuse violations on the rise at FAMU

Florida A&M University displayed its annual fire and safety reports on its website at the start of October. FAMU has faced some criticism for its handling of issues like sexual assault, rape and several other issues. However, the university does not stand alone. Many institutions have been accused of downplaying […]