Author: Aaliya Rashad | Copy Desk Editor


Will FAMU’s online elections affect voter turnout?

FAMU’s campaign period has officially started and, unfortunately, some students just aren’t that interested. While a social media campaign can be beneficial to student engagement, there are several potential limitations that can cause remote elections to not be as successful as the traditional campaign season many Rattlers are used to […]


Is TikTok the new Vine?

In just a few short months, TikTok has taken the internet and almost every social media platform by storm. The biggest question going around is, is it the new Vine? After first launching in 2016, the short-video based social media app gained 100 million users in its first year. The […]

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Valentine’s Day spending sets new record

Valentine’s Day has quickly approached and will soon be gone. However, like every year, many couples have used it as an opportunity to showcase just how much they appreciate their significant others.  With their being so much “gift giving,” the lovesick holiday has become the second-priciest holiday — next to […]