Alumna named Chiropractor of the Year

Photo courtesy of Facebook. Dr. Magen Henry, DC

In an inspiring journey from broadcast journalism to cellular and molecular biology, Magen Henry has been named the American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA) Chiropractor of the Year for 2024. This prestigious honor recognizes Henry’s unwavering commitment to the ABCA and her unique efforts to improve health outcomes in Black communities through chiropractic care.

Henry’s path to chiropractic began at Florida A&M University, where she initially majored in broadcast journalism. Realizing her true calling lay elsewhere, she switched to cellular and molecular biology. Guided by recruiter Mackel Harris from Life University, Henry discovered a passion for holistic, non-traditional medical practices, particularly in prenatal and pediatric care.

The American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA) supports Black chiropractors and promotes chiropractic care in Black communities. The ABCA provides resources, education and advocacy to advance the profession and foster member growth.

Reflecting on her journey, Henry told The Famuan, “For me, this was a culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication to the American Black Chiropractic Association and to promoting chiropractic in the Black community. I feel like FAMU instilled in me a mindset of excellence with caring that reflects in everything that I do.”

In her practice, Henry focuses on providing non-invasive, medication-free treatments aimed at fostering healthy infant development, improving birth outcomes, and maintaining overall wellness for young families. While she specializes in prenatal and pregnancy chiropractic care, Henry is committed to serving all patients, ensuring that each individual feels like part of her extended family. Her practice is based in Atlanta, where she provides a welcoming environment for expectant mothers, infants and all patients seeking holistic treatments tailored to their unique needs.

Henry’s recognition as Chiropractor of the Year is a testament to her profound impact on the profession.

“I realized that a lot of people in my community didn’t know the full extent of chiropractic care and the benefits it provides to their health. I felt like no one was speaking to the Black community specifically, so I took on that mantle of educating the community about chiropractic care,” Henry explained. “I actually worked in an office before where the patients had never seen a Black chiropractor. Because of my involvement with the ABCA, I knew Black chiropractors from all over the country, and I felt like the need for resources for people to find us was pressing.”

One study from Basis Medical highlighted the disparities in chiropractic care: One study from 2012 found that 97% of chiropractic patients are white, while Black people only make up 1%, with the remaining percentages being comprised of other racial minorities. This is due to a number of reasons including the general distrust of medical professionals among the Black community, as well as the lack of Black chiropractors currently in the profession. Black chiropractors make up only 1.6% of the practitioners in the United States. These statistics turn Black people away from chiropractic care, despite its many benefits and the fact that it is covered by Medicare.

In addition to her practice,  Henry is the creator of ChiroJunky, which hosts the directory “Black Chiropractors Near Me.” This initiative is dedicated to promoting chiropractic care and connecting patients with Black chiropractors. Black Chiropractors Near Me is the largest directory of Black chiropractors in the world, listing more than 100 practitioners from across the country and around the globe.

Since graduating from Life University’s College of Chiropractic in 2018, Henry has made a significant impact in her community. Her leadership within the ABCA has been instrumental in enhancing the organization’s visibility and fostering a supportive community for both students and professionals.

 “The ABCA has been very pivotal from the network I’ve formed with other doctors around the country, to the mentorships, and support. I have been pretty instrumental in making the ABCA more visible, supporting the information that chiropractors use in the scopes of our practices,” Henry said.

Her achievements were celebrated at the 43rd Annual ABCA National Convention held last month in Portland, Oregon. Her recognition as Chiropractor of the Year underscores her dedication to the field and her impactful work within the Black community.