Beauty camps comes to college


Beauty Camp: College Edition Flyer.
Courtesy of Phenomenal Tresses

Phenomenal Tresses hair salon in Tallahassee is hosting a one-day beauty camp on August 17. It will teach college students hair braiding, nail tech skills, makeup application, money management, professional development, and how to start a beauty business. 

The owner and Florida A&M University Alumni, Thamar Williams, has hosted the beauty summer camps for young girls for the past three years. However, this will be the first college edition after it was highly requested.

The beauty camp will be held in a lovely AirBnB with a relaxing atmosphere perfect for a day of self-care. The theme is Pajama Party, and it will feel like a luxurious girls’ day along with a day full of content creation, learning in a fun environment, and making memories for the summer before the fall semester begins. 

The Phenomenal Tresses Beauty Camp has an engaging yet laid-back layout. Multiple rooms will be utilized in the Air BnB, and three small groups will rotate for an intimate learning experience. 

One course will have braiding techniques starting with foundational skills such as parting, sectioning, how to enjoy wash day, braiding cornrows, and building beyond those skills.

There will be a course for makeup application. Makeup application is essential and can elevate looks for interviews, meetings, working clinicals, or a fun night with friends. This will feature application techniques because small details can make or break a look. It will allow women to see their faces as a canvas, and they get to do it for another attendee, so they can learn how to do makeup on other facial structures as well, just in case someone wants to do makeup professionally or practice on friends.

The nail tech course teaches women how to do nails themselves or others to save them time and from spending money in a salon. Techniques include manicures, pedicures, and how to apply press-on nails and create sets. A significant benefit of this section is that camp goers will receive a certificate that allows them to do these services professionally when they leave the camp. Acrylics are not included because that service requires more specialization.

Senior public relations student Jasmine Mention said, “This will be a perfect way for women to bond and network.” 

Mention went on to discuss the importance for herself. “As a millennial, I started exploring beauty and makeup when YouTube was the go-to for tutorials. It helped me with my inner confidence. It was more than beauty; it was the journey. Doing your own beauty maintenance will save you money, but it instills patience in learning a craft and using the best canvas in the world, yourself.”

 Thmar Williams, salon owner, shared her reasoning for having this event. 

 “I choose these three areas so college students can find their niche and passion and then focus on the elements they gravitate towards. Beauty is a trillion-dollar industry that has room for everyone to succeed. The Black community deserves to make money in this industry and support Black businesses.”

There will be a surprise guest that will speak about money management and financial literacy. She is an alumna of Florida State University who works as a money management consultant and hairstylist. She will teach the camp how to save and invest, purchase products wholesale, and save for emergencies.

 “Eliminating the stress of money will allow students to focus on school,” Williams said. 

“It also creates freedom and allows them to be flexible according to their schedules, which always change every semester. For example, if a student gravitated toward nail sets, she could create ten nail sets per week and sell those, and then she would have the freedom to do what she wanted for the rest of the week.”

Senior public relations student Tatyanna Mccray said this event is an amazing moment for the community. 

 “I think it will be a good opportunity for students to learn more about beauty and money management skills, so that will be a benefit that people are interested in. Maintaining your beauty regimen is cheaper and can improve your makeup, hair, and self-care skills.”

The last course of the Phenomenal Beauty Camp: College Edition educates camp goers about professionalism in the beauty industry and how to start their own beauty business. Beauty services are intimate because you work close to clients and are all in their faces. It is a skill that feels awkward at first but develops over time.

William’s favorite part of her workshops is forging friendships and connecting with people. She elaborated, “It’s rewarding to see clients become friends with each other. It also builds your network. It’s valuable to know people from different industries, and you never know what it can lead to.” 

“My goal for every camp is for someone who comes in feeling defeated to come out confidently and know they are talented,” Williams said. “Everyone is talented, but sometimes, they need someone to pull it out. Attendees can get some aha moments, practice the skills they learn, and then perfect their technique.”

Phenomenal Tresses Beauty Camp: College Edition will be August 17, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. The location of the Air BnB will be revealed after purchase. There are 30 spots available. 

The registration costs include a duffel bag and kit that includes hair, nail, and makeup tools that the girls can use during and after camp, a notebook with all the information they learned, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People interested in the beauty camp should contact Phenomenal Tresses at 850-332-3434 or purchase at There is a payment plan available with After Pay.