DeSantis remains invisible

Photo Credit: CNN

Tallahassee, FL as we know faced a natural disaster that you can only hear in fairytales. Florida being known for their hurricanes, faced one of their very few major tornadoes last Friday and the damage was devastating.

The home of two major universities and the capital of Florida had power lines completely destroyed, places of businesses closed and out of power, and homes that faced damages from trees and the high wind speeds.

The damages were so severe for Florida A&M University(FAMU), that the school had to shut down campus and start their first week of Summer A classes virtually.

Fortunately for Florida State University(FSU), their campuses received minimum damage, but was part of the major power outage that happened throughout the city. 

This triple tornado incident unfortunately took the lives of a forty-seven-year-old woman and a seventeen-year-old girl.

Amidst all the damages and communities affected by this storm, where was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? For the public, most heard the declaration of a State of Emergency, which was announced on May 13th, 2024 for Leon County.

Looking at his Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) accounts, Ron DeSantis remains inactive on Instagram since he withdrew his campaign for presidency. Now his X account tells a different story. DeSantis remained active on X, however within North Florida, he only made one stop along the way and then went back to sign two bills into Florida Law.

The Famuan asked the Tallahassee community including FAMU and FSU officials to see if they felt DeSantis supported them post-tornadoes. There was no comment from the officials, however the community had plenty to say about the current situation and they do not like how Ron DeSantis is handling the damages here in Tallahassee.

Paisley Parker, who had her power disconnected until Tuesday due to the destruction of her powerlines said, “As much as the City of Tallahassee is doing their best, I am still suffering the consequences of this storm, by not being able to go to work let alone pay for the food that I couldn’t store properly during the storm.” Paisley Parker is just the one of many citizens that was severely affected by the storm and with no word from the Governor as we approach normalcy again, it begs the question: If this happens again, will Ron DeSantis give more support to Tallahassee? Or will he remain silent like before?