Frenchtown’s Family Dollar closes

Photo courtesy: Kyla Brown

Family Dollar, a discount chain that caters to low-income customers, has announced that it is closing a number of its stores — including at least one in Tallahassee.

Dollar Tree repurchased Family Dollar in 2015 for $8.5 billion. It announced last month that it would start closing locations.

There are five stores in Tallahassee. One, located at 540 West Brevard St., has recently closed. 

St. This has led residents to wonder when they will close the other four locations.

Barbara Thomas, who has lived on the south side for more than 25 years, was unsurprised when she heard rumors that Family Dollar stores would be closing. She has been asking around to find out when the 2526 South Monroe St. store will close.

“I was not surprised to hear rumors. It’s just a little frustrating that we may be losing a store that is easy access, especially when we don’t even have a lot of stores on the south side to begin with,” Thomas said.

“The local Family Dollar is convenient for me, especially when my household runs out of tissue, paper towels, toothpaste, etc. It’s easy for me to go around the corner instead of driving all the way to Walmart. When they do decide to shut down the local Family Dollar, I will have to make that drive, which is inconvenient.”

The Family Dollar chain announced its plans to downsize its store in a statement: “During the fourth quarter of 2023, Dollar Tree underwent a review of its stores’ performance to identify locations to close, relocate or re-brand based on an evaluation of current market condition among other factors. As a result of this review, we plan on closing approximately 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of fiscal 2024. Additionally, approximately 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores will close over the next several years at the end of each store’s current lease term.”

The Family Dollar on West Brevard Street has closed, which leaves the Frenchtown community with limited resources. Frenchtown is considered a food desert that has limited access to affordable and healthy food, aside from a farmer’s market that’s open on Saturdays.

Tawana Jackson, who lives near the Family Dollar, was upset about the closing. She says that Dollar General should not be their only resource within a one-mile radius.

“I have lived in the same house since I was a little girl, so I have seen Frenchtown change over the years. I was a little upset to hear the news about the closing because I knew it would affect my neighborhood more than anything. It’s very annoying that we’re losing a major resource to our community,” Jackson said.