Laundry: A constant issue for students

CSC Laundry Services
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Doing laundry on campus is a hassle for many students, especially first-year students adjusting to this new way of living.

Some students believe there aren’t enough washer machines and dryers compared to the number of people living in the dorms.

Towers South is one of the newer dorms at Florida A&M University. This dorm holds about 300+ students and has one laundry room with eight washers and dryers.

Danica Daus, a first-year pre-nursing student believes that more appliances to accommodate residents. When I first came to FAMU I thought it was like a laundry on each floor or every other floor, but there’s only one,” Daus said.

Students use an app called “CSCPay” to pay for their laundry and check the availability of the machines. Some students have mentioned that the app is unreliable, and it affects the timeliness when it comes to doing laundry. The app would say a washer or dryer is available, but it would be occupied when you check.

For some students, this is their first time doing laundry, which may result in improper use of the machines. Some students leave lint in the dryer vents, which results in people drying their clothes more than once. Not cleaning out the vents could be a fire hazard. Utilizing too much detergent could mess up the machines over time.

Tamia Sanders, a first-year business administration student finding wash on campus frustrating. “I used to do my laundry on campus like when I first got on campus, and after a while, I was like I’m spending 10 to 12 dollars just to wait in this laundry room for hours waiting for everything to be done for the washers and dryers to be open,” Sanders said.

Not being timely causes issues between students.

Students must consistently text in the dorm’s text messaging app to remind other students that their clothes are in the laundry room. Some students take out another student’s load without informing them or a Resident Associate. Since many of the washers are consistently not working, it is harder to get laundry done promptly.

Sorenity Hayes, a first-year Criminal Justice student wants things to change.

“I think investing more into laundry by buying more washing machines or dryers having more machines that’s really the issue or if we had like a system like maybe this building gets this day or something like that it would be a lot easier,” Hayes said.

Students hope the university will add more laundry rooms to the dormitory halls.