Joseph DeRosier makes history at FAMU

Photo courtesy: @FAMUTF Instagram

Making history is only the beginning for talented track athlete and freshman graphic design student Joseph DeRosier, who constantly showcases speed and skill. DeRosier, a 20-year-old from Maryland, has etched his name in the school’s record books by breaking a record in the 110-meter hurdles.

The previous record, which had stood for qt years, fell by the wayside as DeRosier blazed around the track with precision and power at the UCF Black & Gold Invite. With each stride, the track star inched closer to history, ultimately crossing the finish line in a time that not only shattered the old record but also set a new standard of excellence for future Rattlers.

DeRosier was asked what was going through his mind at the record-breaking moment. “What was going through my mind, I think I’d say excitement. I’m getting closer to my goal each time I break a record, and it’s proof of improvement,” he said.

Photo courtesy: @FAMUTF Instagram

As DeRosier continues to give his best on the track, he continues to set the bar high. According to FAMU’s track and field Instagram (@famutf), DeRosier has been honored with SWAC Co-Track Athlete of the Week. His time in the 110-meter hurdles is No. 12 on the NCAA Division 1 outdoor qualifying performance list and No. 1 on the SWAC outdoor performance list.

“Joseph’s dedication and hard work have been the cornerstone of his success,” Kimeone McLeod, a senior in interdisciplinary studies and fellow track athlete, said.

From the achievements to the countless hours of training, sweat, and sacrifice, DeRosier is impacting FAMU athletics.

The athlete’s humility and sportsmanship touched his peers, who now look up to DeRosier as a role model for excellence on and off the track.

Dajon Clark, a senior track athlete, said, “We’ve only been teammates for a short amount of time, and in that time, I’ve learned more from him than he knows when it comes to helping with the mental aspect of track and keeping God first.”

As DeRosier continues to bring it home, the future looks bright for this rising student-athlete. With upcoming competitions and challenges on the horizon, DeRosier is expected to continue making waves in collegiate track and field, setting new records and inspiring others to reach for their personal best and then some.

“I want to make sure I’m trying my best so that I won’t regret anything in the future; whether I win or lose is up to God’s will for me, and I just want to say I gave it my all,” DeRosier said.