Drumming up dreams and community

Kardinal Dreams Drumline performance. Photo Courtsey: Instagram @kardinaldreams

Surpassing the campus of Florida A&M University (FAMU), Tyriq Stewart orchestrates more than just beats – he conducts dreams. As the founder of Kardinal Dreams Music Ensemble, Stewart’s rhythm resonates beyond the music, weaving a tapestry of inspiration, mentorship, and community.

Born out of Stewart’s passion for percussion and a fervent desire to uplift others, Kardinal Dreams Drumline serves as a beacon of unity and creativity within the community. 

Stewart is a Doctor of Public Health Candidate from Riviera Beach, Florida. Also, serving as an adjunct professor at FAMU, Stewart uses his profession and passion to intertwine his love for health and music to connect with his students. 

“My role as an adjunct professor at FAMU has been instrumental in linking health and music within Kardinal Dreams Drumline,” Stewart said. 

“By blending health education with music instruction, I emphasize techniques for managing stress, maintaining proper posture, and nurturing mental well-being. Additionally, our programs prioritize teaching musical skills alongside important values like teamwork and resilience,” Stewart shared.

Guided by Stewart’s unwavering dedication, the organization has become a platform for aspiring drummers to hone their craft while fostering meaningful connections.

“The inspiration behind starting Kardinal Dreams Drumline comes from the profound influence of my grandfather, who taught me the value of faith and love. His unwavering commitment to God and family shaped my character and guided my journey. The idea of Kardinal Dreams stems from a special connection my grandfather had with a cardinal in his backyard.” 

Naturelle Mack, a dedicated member of Kardinal Dreams Drumline, reflected on the profound impact of Steward’s leadership. 

“What inspired me to join Kardinal Dreams was to expand my percussion gift from the Lord. Also, to be around like-minded drummers like me,” Mack shared. For Mack, the drumline is not just a musical endeavor but a spiritual journey, amplified by Stewart’s visionary guidance.

In Mack’s eyes, Stewart’s leadership has been transformative, instilling invaluable lessons in both drumming and life. “It has influenced my experience by teaching me that first I have to follow to know how to lead!” Mack explained. Under Stewart’s mentorship, members of the drumline learn the importance of humility, teamwork, and perseverance – qualities that extend far beyond the realm of music.

Beyond his role as a mentor, Stewart embodied the essence of dedication and loyalty, as Mack attests. “I absolutely admire his vision. For one, he is a big brother to me and always shows consistency through anything that may have even got in the way. He was constantly loyal to the line as well with showing up!” Mack reflected. Stewart’s steadfast commitment to the drumline serves as a source of inspiration, fostering a culture of trust, unity, and resilience.

According to the members of Kardinal Dreams, the mission of “S.O.A.R.”, meaning “Sound Off and Reign”, sets the tone for the organization’s commitment to excellence, empowerment, and leadership in the realm of music and arts education.

At Kardinal Dreams Drumline, collaboration is key to the mission of empowering youth through music and arts. Partnering with organizations like Faith’s Place Center for Arts and Education, led by Mrs. Noble Mays, amplifies the impact according to Stewart. 

“Together, we provide workshops, performances, and community events, creating more opportunities for young people to learn and grow. One of our proudest achievements is seeing five alumni pursue professional music careers in university bands, from Florida A&M University to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Their success highlights the transformative power of our programs, inspiring current participants and showcasing the impact of music education and mentorship in shaping bright futures,” Stewart shared. 

Moreover, Stewart’s support extends beyond the realm of music, as he bridges passion with pragmatism. Mack acknowledged, “Tyriq helps support by joining together business and passion. There is always a time to have fun and love the music we are playing but then sooner or later it’s time to ‘lock in’.” 

Stewart’s holistic approach to leadership empowers members to embrace discipline and focus, laying the foundation for personal and collective growth.

As Kardinal Dreams Drumline continues to flourish under Stewart’s guidance, it transcends the boundaries of music, becoming a catalyst for empowerment and community upliftment. With each beat of the drum, Stewart’s vision reverberates, echoing the transformative power of unity, passion, and unwavering determination. In the rhythm of Kardinal Dreams, dreams are not just heard – they are felt, shared, and lived.