Chill out on Tennessee Street at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Jeremiah Italian Ice Flavors Photo Courtesy: Trip Advisor

The new store will be located on West Tennessee St. next to CAVA. Aside from selling Italian ice, Jeremiah’s sells ice cream, and their claim to fame is combining ice cream and Italian ice to make what they call a “Gelati.”

The sweet treats come in a variety of tasty and colorful flavors. Jeremiah’s is looking forward to shaking up the competition.

Store owner Rachel Harrell says she was very strategic when planning the logistics. 

 “We love this location because it is close to all of the colleges in Tallahassee,” Harrell said. “We are really looking forward to getting involved with these schools as well as the surrounding communities.” 

West Tennessee Street is by far the busiest street in Tallahassee; it sees hundreds of people every day, people Jeremiah’s hopes to lure to their store. 

Not only is it the busiest street in town, but it is between the three major colleges and universities in Tallahassee: FAMU, FSU and TCC. 

How they get this niche group into the store will likely dictate its success. 

Jeremiah’s is banking on customers trying their products and becoming hooked. There is currently only one Jeremiah’s in town, located on Village Square Blvd. 

Harrel went on to share her goals for the new sweet treat shop. 

“The Jeremiah’s products speak for themselves,” Harrell said. 

“Our goal is to get the product in as many mouths as possible, knowing that once you try it, you’ll be hooked.”

Getting people to try their product will also be crucial because there are plenty of dessert industry competitors, such as Insomnia Cookies, Mo ’Cookies, and Crumbl Cookies.

Craig Kailimai, a student at FAMU, is happy that Jeremiah’s is coming to Tallahassee. 

“Being from Tampa I have been to Jeremiah’s numerous times, and they will absolutely be seeing me as soon as they open lol,” Kailimai said. 

 Alexis Rejouis, a senior broadcast journalism student, is happy with the new edition coming to town. 

“I have never had Jeremiah’s before but my friends that have been keeping telling me how good it is. I think it’s time I try it, never had Italian Ice and ice cream together but it sounds promising.” 

Jeremiah’s will have their Grand Opening at the end of April, and our hope is that the Tallahassee weather will cooperate with their plans and bring warm weather! Nothing goes together better than warm weather and a savored treat! Check out Jeremiah’s Italian Ice on West Tennessee Street when they open.