Looped in

Igotzdahookup viral Starry Scrunchie
Photo courtesy: Asia Clark

Grab a hook and yarn, because you do not want to miss the latest scoop.

Asia Clark, a fourth-year accounting major at Florida A&M University, always knew she had a talent; it was just a matter of when she’d discover it.

From Chicago to Tallahassee, Clark managed to not only invest in her own business but also happened to make it a part of her lifestyle.

Clark recalls what spiked her interest and what motivated her.

“What I found most interesting is the idea of people wearing my work,” Clark said. “It’s a joy to watch my ideas come to life. Plus, since my family is full of creatives, it only pushed me in the right direction to succeed.”

She says she discovered her talent and how she defied the odds.

“Growing up, I always felt like crocheting was for older people because I had never seen people my age do it,” Clark said. “One day, I decided to just pick up a hook and yarn and get to work. Then that’s when ‘Igotzdahookup’ was born. The rest is history.”

Clark says she faced adversity with her business and how it quickly fueled her rise within the entrepreneurial industry.

“During the summer, I experienced crocheter’s block,” Clark said. “I started to play around with hair scrunchies and wound up creating the famous starry scrunchie. Once I posted it on social media, I was over the moon since it caught so much attention.”

Khamaria Turner, a graduating architecture student at FAMU, says she loves Igotzdahookup.

“I was searching high and low for a well crochet bucket hat on a whim for Set Friday,” Turner said. “I reached out to Asia about a week before and the communication was excellent, the product was so cute, and I had the hat within my desired timeframe.”

Q’iara King, a second-year criminal justice student highlights her experience with Igotzdahookup.

“During homecoming, I purchased a crochet crossbody purse,” King said. “The purse was so lightweight and neatly made, and it’s just as functional as a conventional purse. She honestly has a loyal customer.”


Lucky for the Tallahassee community, Igotzdahookup opens commissions and accepts 20 orders at a time. You can place an order through Instagram @Igotzdahookup.