Fashion, faith merge with Andrews’ brand

Kyler Andrews with his first drop of BOWYA hoodies. Photo courtesy: @daviddinero on Instagram ​

Fashion and faith have pushed 20-year-old FAMU computer science student Kyler Andrews to create a unique and inspiring brand. With fashion being his passion and God being in his heart, Andrews made his own clothing brand to connect the two worlds in the most trendsetting way.

Because of Who(se) You Are, or BOWYA, was created because he dreamed of bridging the gap between the church and the fashion industry. With designs that can be rocked in and out of the lord’s house, Andrews knew he had something big on his hands when people really did both.

“There are big brands like God is Dope that also make Christian clothes, but I don’t feel that it’s as fashionable. It’s more like comfy wear,” the said.

“But I feel like my designs and my work is something that you can swag out outside of church and in church. That’s one of the benefits of my clothing brand because you can really cross that bridge between the church and fashion to put your own swag and things into it.”

As a student who values fashion, broadcast journalism student Willie Hurt thinks that the positive message behind the brand lets people know that they are in control of their destiny. “Having on clothes that serve as a constant reminder of positivity can allow people to feel more confident in themselves and be able to strive to want better in any activity they partake in,” Hurt said.

The message of mixing fashion and faith was made clear among his customers, which made them want to buy the hoodies. A close friend and loyal customer, Trinity Bryant, says she had never had Christian-based clothing before BOWYA.

“I loved the meaning behind it, and it was Black-owned, so I had to support it,” she said. “I like how it feels to know that I can show that I believe in God without having to say it.”

Though he works effortlessly on his brand, Andrews prides himself on balancing his school, work and social life.

“I live by the principle proper planning prevents piss poor performance,” he said. ”So as long as I have my stuff scheduled and planned out accordingly and give myself time to rest and recuperate for the next days, I’ll be good at balancing school, extracurricular activities and my social life.”

Andrews also understands that with the launch of any business, everything is not always smooth sailing. One of the main issues he found himself running into was finding the money to produce quality products. Through sacrifice and long hours at his former job at Target, he found different ways to fund his brand and make it what it is today.

All the long hours and sacrifices are slowly paying off as he continues to drop stylish designs and gains more customers who genuinely love what BOWYA stands for. However, the journey is far from over for Andrews, as he is determined to grow his company and earn his degree simultaneously. His journey serves as a testament to the boundless potential of young entrepreneurs and the transformative power of combining passion with purpose.