India McCary braids, bedazzles

Photo of India McCary Photo courtesy: McCary

Meet India McCary, a skilled braider and local businesswoman whose journey started long before she ever set foot in a salon.

It is evident that her love of braiding is deeply ingrained in her childhood memories and her deep admiration for her trade.

Growing up in a hair salon was a gateway to a world of creativity and self-expression.

“I remember asking my mom for a hair mannequin when I was 9, and I knew even then that I wanted to learn everything about braiding,” McCary said.

McCary became deeply in love with braiding after that, finding comfort and happiness in what she does.

For McCary, braiding is more than a craft; it’s a celebration of Black womanhood, a kind of therapy, and a link to her culture.

“In the salon, I learned not just about hair, but about community, and sisterhood,” she said.

However, McCary’s journey towards entrepreneurship wasn’t without its difficulties. At first, she found it challenging to launch her own company, but with perseverance and persistent community support, her goal gradually started to emerge.

“It’s hard work running a business at a young age but when you see the happiness on your clients’ faces, you feel the love and appreciation for what you do,” McCary said.

McCary’s experiences at Florida A&M University, where she discovered the value of community and pursuing one’s aspirations, have influenced her path as an entrepreneur.

“FAMU taught me that I can have a degree in one area while also following my passion,” she said. “Some of the best relationships I’ve made in my cohort have come from my clients.”

McCary’s two most loyal consumers are her classmates, who visit her frequently for hair services.

“India’s Island Twist totally changed up my style and made me feel so much more confident, She’s super detail-oriented and really puts her heart into every single twist,” Rayonne McToy said.

Since her freshman year, DeNajah Johnson has visited McCary, and she has admired every style since then.

“I’ve been coming to her for four years now, and I can’t get enough of how versatile and stylish her braids always are,” Johnson said.

McCary is thankful for the chance to share her love with others and use her skills to improve her community even as she forges ahead in life. She crafts a tale of determination, creativity, and the unwavering ties of talent.

Beyond her skill at braiding, McCary is a storyteller, a healer, and a global symbol of female emancipation. And since she never stops inspiring others with her talent and determination, her salon is a living example of the strength of following your passions and proudly embracing her cultural roots.