Relay for Life set for April 12

Relay for Life Logo
Photo Courtesy: American Cancer Society

As Florida A&M University prepares to conduct its annual Relay for Life event, enthusiasm is building. The committee members say they plan to host the event on April 12 at Pete Griffin Track.

This annual event promotes lively community spirit and unites students, teachers and residents in a powerful show of support against cancer. Hamia Rivers said students are excited about this event.

“Some key activities during this event, specifically at FAMU, are a tribute to caregivers and survivors,” Rivers said. “Also, this event will be interactive and engaging for students, with organizations on campus set up at booths for games and prizes.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the FAMU Relay for Life committee has raised $8,421.48 as of April 4. Rivers says that these donations will be beneficial to the community. Many teams on campus have already started fundraising and helping the cause.

“Throughout the semester, organizations [on campus] have raised money to support cancer research,” said Rivers. “FAMU Relay for Life has a large impact on the community of Tallahassee by reaching out to local caregivers and survivors; this allows those in this fight to know that they are not alone. The funds raised go toward the awareness and research of cancer.”

Kyra Ledet, a junior at FAMU, has been affected by cancer due to her mother’s passing of stomach cancer when she was 8 years old. As a result of the loss in her family, Ledet is passionate about the Relay for Life initiative.

“I’ve always been the type of person who’s wanted to help people in any way I can, so being that this cause is meant to help those battling something as grave as cancer only inspires me to want to help more,” Ledet said. “I not only have lost family members to cancer, but I also have cancer survivors in my family. With that being said, my connection to cancer pushes me significantly toward the fight for cancer awareness and curing cancer.”

Ledet said that she gets a sense of strength from assisting in making sure initiatives like this happen on campus.

“It’s something my mom would be proud of, and I know she’s supporting me from above,” Ledet said. “So overall, my motivation is knowing that I’m doing this for her, as well as other family I have lost to cancer. Even in the future, I hope to continue participating in Relay for Life and increasing my involvement with cancer-related issues.”

To learn more about the event, follow @famurelayforlife on Instagram and visit their team page.