FAMU Foundation provides scholarships

FAMU Foundation provides many scholarships every semester.
Photo Courtesy: famu.edu

College can be pretty costly. Fees can build up very quickly and never seem to end. FAMU offers a free and easy solution to this problem.

FAMU Foundation scholarships are funded by multiple donors. Donors such as the Althea Gibson/The Cosby Family, the Beta Alpha Chapter of The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc 23 Ascensions-Spring Line of 1976 and so many more help keep the portal up and running as well as provide students with opportunities to pay off some college dues. 

“By donors willing to fund the scholarship portal, it makes me feel like I am extremely blessed to have these opportunities while here at FAMU,” Saige Washington said. “It gives me the opportunity to fully enjoy my experience without the added stress of paying for everything.” 

The FAMU scholarship portal is an opportunity for all students to have an equal chance to receive money for school. The portal houses many scholarships for people of all backgrounds and majors. Each scholarship available on the portal has specific requirements for students. 

For example, students can find scholarships for engineering majors, business scholars, current freshmen, and even those who specialize in agriculture.

“Scholarships in general are beneficial for every student,” Darralyn Sherman said. “But having this scholarship portal and being able to view all the different scholarships without going from website to website is very helpful because more students appreciate this and now take the time to look at all the scholarships and apply to one hopeful win one.”

In order to apply for scholarships through the FAMU Foundation, students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). After the FAFSA form is completed, students can log onto the portal and complete a general application. Once the general application is complete, the portal will automatically match the students with scholarships that they meet the criteria for.

After applying for the scholarships, the student will receive an email through their FAMU email on the status of their application. Even if a student does not receive the scholarship, they can always reapply next year, as the portal opens up every semester. There is no limit to how many times a student can apply or how many scholarships they can apply to. 

Henry Ferguson, a student at FAMU, says that he would look out for opportunities for other students. 

“I would use the portal for scholarships in the future, but not as much as looking for myself,” Ferguson said. “Because a lot of those scholarships I do not fit the category and the requirements for certain things. When I’m looking for myself on the internet I know the right words to put to have scholarships that match with my resume.”

The deadline to apply to the scholarship portal is Apr. 30. However, it is recommended that students complete the general application by Friday. 

Link to Apply: https://famu.academicworks.com/opportunities