Update: Investigation ends with no impeachment

Caption – May and Williams are victorious in their impeachment battle. Photo courtesy: ktvdidthat

The protracted twists and turns involving a possible impeachment trial for the student body president-elect and her vice president, has taken an unexpected turn. And it appears the case has come to a close.

In a previous article, it was reported that an alleged falsified document submitted by the Student GovernmentAssociation Vice President-elect Dakarai Williams and signed by his running mate, Loryn May, was under investigation within the Student Senate.

But on Friday, March 29, the Judicial and Rules Committee chair, Larry LaFrance, has confirmed that the impeachment will not be moving forward.

According to LaFrance, the Judicial and Rules Committee conducted an investigation to determine if Williams resigned on time and the validity of his resignation. The committee concluded that he did based on a document submitted by him, LaFrance said.

According to the documents, Williams submitted the paperwork to May on time,LaFrance said. The point of this investigation was to check the soundness of the document and the date it was submitted.

Moving forward, May and Williams will serve as the next SGA president and vice president. The pair is prepared to work and serve.

We look forward to continuing to fulfill the objectives of our platform and continue to build our cabinet and homecoming committee in the coming weeks, May and Williams said.

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