Design Week takes center stage

Photo courtesy: Stephen Swan

The School of Journalism and Graphic Communications at Florida A&M University played host to an exhilarating and innovative graphic design contest this week, showcasing the creative prowess and talent of budding designers.

What distinguishes this contest is its unique blend of academic rigor and real-world application, providing participants with a platform to not only showcase their creativity but also receive valuable feedback from seasoned professionals.

The atmosphere during the event was nothing short of electric, as participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences converged to put their talents to the test.

Kyrease Desseau, a senior graphic design major, said that he loves being surrounded by like-minded people who share his same interests.

“This event provides me with reassurance that I am not alone in my creative pursuits,” Desseau said. “Being in the company of other talented individuals gives me motivation to continue creating.”

Some students envisioned this event as not only showcasing the burgeoning talent within FAMU’s SJGC but also attracting students from outside of SJGC.

Issac Richardson, a second-year political science major, said, “I hope to see more collaborations between SJGC and other schools/departments. There are so many talented students here at FAMU.”

This aspiration underscores the potential for interdisciplinary innovation and creativity, suggesting that Design Week could become a melting pot of ideas.

Armani Patterson, a senior graphic design student and president of the FAMU chapter of the American Advertising Federation, shares his insights on the significance of Design Week at SJGC.

“Design Week serves as a crucial platform for emerging graphic designers to engage with seasoned industry professionals,” Patterson said. “Spanning a week, this event offers workshops, networking gatherings, design exhibitions, and competitions tailored to empower students and provide them with invaluable insights into the field.”

The primary objective of Design Week is to equip graphic design majors with the skills and knowledge necessary for their careers, while also facilitating connections between graduating seniors and established professionals.

 This commitment to fostering a nurturing and constructive environment has resonated throughout FAMU’s campus, inspiring not just graphic design students but the entire student body to pursue excellence, collaboration, and innovation in their respective fields. By marrying the theoretical with the practical, Design Week at FAMU stands as a beacon of what’s possible when education transcends the classroom, preparing the next generation of designers for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.