Fake Da Funk returns

Photo of the cast courtesy: Kayla Delcham

The FAMU Michigan Club on Thursday hosted Fake Da Funk, an event where participants impersonate their favorite artists in a lip-sync battle to win prizes. The event took place at the Lawson Center, and about 100 students attended. 

The show had eight acts, including performers reenacting  TLC, Nicki Minaj, Outkast and others. 

YuKwon Toney, one of the show’s participants, performed as Outkast. He said that although his performance was last minute, it all came together perfectly. 

“The fit I had on gave Andre 3000 vibes because, I’d say his personality and being a music legend — I had to tap into that Kwon 3000 with Nelly, who asked to do something with me before the event,” Toney said. “We performed ‘Hey Ya’ by OutKast and won second place. With me being in my senior year, it definitely will be memorable.”

While Toney said he had a great time, he believes the event could be marketed a little better. 

“In the future, I’d love to see better marketing/advertisement for the event,” Toney said. “I was a little confused about what the event was and even how to get involved. I was contacted to be added to a group chat the night before.”

Sydney Smith, president of the FAMU Michigan Club, was in charge of the event’s logistics. 

“This event is important because of tradition and simply bringing the campus together for a great time,” Smith said. “The event is very similar to an event every year throughout many high schools in Michigan. On the campus of FAMU, Fake Da Funk was a huge event that was put on every year, years ago.”

Smith hopes this event will reach a larger audience in the coming years. The FAMU Michigan club plans to make it an annual event, Smith added. 

“In the future, I see this event growing and reaching more students,” Smith said. “Hopefully, in the coming years, we will build to a larger crowd, bring in other great acts, and get the people talking about it again in a positive light, how it was spoken on in the past and currently by alums.”

Jayden Flemming, another participant, says he is also looking forward to what Fake Da Funk has in store for the future. 

“I’m actually looking forward to seeing this event again,” Flemming said. “I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this event grows, being that this was the first time it was put on in a few years.”