Boxing can help with stress

Photo of Kiana Simmons courtesy: Simmons

Boxing is a high-intensity workout for both the body and mind. It offers an ideal way for students to rid themselves of stress.

When students feel stressed, they must find healthy ways to deal with their stress levels. When you improve your mood, sometimes hitting a target over and over can make you feel calmer.

Boxing can help strengthen your full-body muscles while it challenges the mental and physical parts of the body.

Boxing can be the best way for a young, stressful student who is struggling to relax to find balance. With everything students face, they need to find something relaxing.

Antashia Hixson-Wells is a student at Tallahassee Community College who takes boxing classes every chance she gets. It’s the best way for her to release stress in her everyday life, especially working, being a mom, and going to school.

“I love a good workout, but sometimes you need to relieve the stress and anger that you face in everyday life, and boxing helps me do that,” Wells said. “I prefer kick-boxing classes over regular boxing classes, so I try to go at least twice a week.”

Train. Fight. Win, located on Apalachee Parkway, offers student discounts. Just get in contact with them. The first class is free, and they offer $25 class sessions if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee.

Kiana Simmons, a fourth-year public relations student at FAMU, said she is willing to try boxing, especially with everything happening. She needs a good stress relief.

“Yes, I have been feeling stressed because of school, and usually I just sleep to relieve myself that I have never taken boxing before, and it never really caught my attention, but if I were able to find a studio that gives student discounts, I’d be willing to take the class,” Simmons said.

Empower Martial Arts is another studio in Tallahassee. Located on Capital Circle Northeast, it offers student discounts. You can contact them at (850) 329-7643. Here are six reasons why boxing is the ultimate stress relief workout, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It will improve a healthy heart, boost endurance, provide full body strength, help with weight management, and Improve balance and mental health. Whether you are shadowboxing or sparring, boxing lets you punch through stress.