University sells used items at marked-down prices

Photo courtesy: Kyla Brown

The Florida A&M University Property Records’ quarterly surplus bid took place Saturday. 

The available items included computers, scientific equipment, furniture, electronics and vehicles. Sales were conducted at the FAMU Surplus Warehouse on Wahnish Way.

The surplus warehouse is open to all department staff on a first-come, first-served basis.

The staff can reach the warehouse from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The surplus warehouse is available to students and the Tallahassee community twice yearly.

 You can check the FAMU newsletter or contact the records department to know when the warehouse will be available.

The bid sale had over 136 items. The electronics were Dell, HP, Mac book and printers. They also had different furniture, such as rolling chairs, tables and cabinets.

Photo courtesy: Kyla Brown

The bid sale minimum starts at $50 and goes up to $100 on HP and Apple products. When bidding on more than one product, you are told to remember that if you win the bid on both products, you will have to buy both items. 

The minimum bid for furniture begins at $10 and goes up to $50. The bid allows students and the community to get involved with FAMU.

When you arrive at the warehouse, you will receive a bidder packet with a little of everything, not just electronics. For example, you can bid on refrigerators, saws and drills. The bid price ranges between $35 and $100 for products.

The warehouse is easy to navigate. Everything is organized separately; on each side of the room, you have HP products, and on the other, you have Apple products. Also, all products come with chargers. They were placed in the back of the warehouse when looking for furniture. You could find bookshelf tables and desks that were still in good condition as you needed them for your office or as a student; if you needed an extra desk to study with, you could find something reusable for you and at a reasonable bid.

Laverne Washington, who oversees the department, overlooked the surplus bid sale.

“I like to encourage more students and the community to come out and buy the products. When we can sell the property, the money goes back into the school for funding,” Washington said.

Photo courtesy: Kyla Brown

Once you have made a bid on your choice property, you will return your package to the front, where you will receive an envelope with all the information that you need about how to get in contact with the department. They will contact you directly to let you know if you were the highest bid.

If you want to find out any information on when the following surplus warehouse is open for students, don’t hesitate to contact Washington at 850-599-3678.