SGA in turmoil as investigation looms

May and Williams pose for a photo at the beginning of campaign season
Photo Courtesy: Loryn May on Instagram (@loryn.may)

In the midst of lingering campaign drama, another scenario has made its way to the campus of Florida A&M University. Student Government Association President-elect Loryn May and her vice president-elect, Dakarai “DK” Williams, have had an impeachment motion filed against them.

According to the documents in the Student Senate’s internal rules and procedures (IROP), in the Elections and Appointments Committee (E&A), anyone planning to run for office, while currently holding a position in E&A, must take a leave of absence or resign at least 10 days before declaration of candidacy.

May and Williams are allegedly being impeached based on misfeasance and malfeasance of duty, due to a claim that the pair falsified documents to be eligible to run for office.

Fourth-year political science student and Senate Pro Tempore Jaylin Hankerson Strappy says if May and Williams are impeached, it would have a profound impact on the Student Government Association for the remainder of this year, and the next academic year.

“Dakarai has already resigned from his Senate seat, so if this impeachment does go through, Loryn May would not be our Senate president anymore, and Kobe Buggs would be our new president,” Strappy said. “There are a lot of rebuttals and overall sides, so this may allude to the productivity and effectiveness of the Senate to possibly go down. This may also be an opportunity to increase our productivity and effectiveness of the Senate, if the impeachment does go through.”

If the impeachment is voted on and goes through, there are a couple of things that may happen. The first being, through the Electoral Commission, the runner-up ticket would win and become the next SGA president and vice president-elect. The second thing that could happen is the chief of staff and attorney general would become the next leaders.

Despite all of this happening, it seems as though not many students are aware. A second-year computer science student who wishes to not be identified says she has not seen anything posted online within her friend group, or heard anyone talking about it.

“The only reason I have a slight idea of what’s going on is because I briefly attended a Senate meeting held on Zoom, and started asking questions after it ended,” the student said. “I wish more people were informed, because at the end of the day our student leaders represent us and it is important to know who may or may not be the next leaders based on simple things such as filing paperwork on time.”

Users on Fizz commented on May and Williams winning over the past two weeks. One user was not happy with the election results, saying, “Y’all about to see real soon why Loryn and DK should not have won, SGA about to be a mess.”

Over the next few weeks, evidence will be gathered and presented to student senators to make a final decision. To stay up to date, attend Senate meetings at 6 p.m. on Mondays in the Senate chambers.