DeSantis warns spring breakers

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Spring break has already started for some students, with thousands ready to put aside the responsibilities of school and enjoy a week-long vacation.

Florida has been the spring break hot spot for decades, with various cities welcoming tourists from all over America to celebrate the occasion.

Because of the considerable number of people who come to Florida for spring vacation, mishaps and petty crime are common.

However, this year Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to hold spring breakers accountable for their misconduct.

DeSantis warned tourists during a Tuesday news conference in Miami Beach  that Florida is a “law and order” state, saying that there are consequences for “committing crimes and causing havoc.”

Christopher Osborne, a second-year physical therapy student at FAMU, said that young adults and people in general should have fun this spring break. However, do not overdo it, he added.

“It is important to not go above and beyond to impress people or rely on substances to have a fun time. Violence should never be the first choice, there are consequences for everyone involved,” Osborne said.

In 2022, two shootings injured five people, leading to a curfew in Miami Beach. Last year, the Miami Beach Police Department conducted 488 arrests and issued 7,190 traffic citations between Feb. 27 and March 27.

“Some people may be coming from other jurisdictions where they can get away with this type of activity. That is not going to fly in the Sunshine State,” DeSantis said. 

During his appearance DeSantis said 17 law enforcement agencies across Florida requested state assistance for spring break. Miami Beach, Daytona Beach and Panama City are hot spot locations that will have police backup on standby during the week. 

Lavarian Ouma, a third-year psychology student at FAMU, believes that DeSantis is doing his job because it is important for students to return home safely.

“Personally, if you are young and like to party, it may be hard to see the importance of what he is doing. I participated in spring break last year and people came from everywhere to have fun. It is his job to establish curfews and bring out law enforcement to keep people safe,” Oma said.

Oma believes rules and regulations can be in place while spring breakers enjoy their vacation.

FAMUs spring break is from March 11-15.