Try these 10 local Black-owned restaurants

Owner Sam Burgess and an array of island inspired dishes at Pinappetit. Photo courtesy: Pinappetit.

People should always support Black-owned restaurants, especially during Black History Month. Patrons support Black entrepreneurs, reinvest in the Black community, contribute to the economic growth of Black businesses, and keep dreams alive.

Food brings the Black community together and allows people from all walks of life to connect with family and friends. 

Supporting local, Black-owned businesses is a fantastic way to honor Black History Month while making new connections. 

Tallahassee has a great selection of Black-owned food businesses. Use this list as a guide to explore these local gems.



Located on West Pensacola Street, it is known for serving fresh pineapple bowls and other island-inspired dishes. Pinappetit says on its website that they believe that food is a common ground “We all share as a community, and it can be a pathway to paradise (food paradise, that is!).”

Jo Ellen’s

Located on West College Avenue, it is an upscale comfort and soul food restaurant that serves soul food favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

King Conch

Located  on Monroe Street, it is a seafood restaurant recognized for juicy crab legs, chicken, beef and more plates paired with various savory sides. They also have a food truck to serve the community.

Smacking Good Wings

This is a food truck that offers several flavors of saucy and flavorful wings, fries and more.

Tastee Turkey Leg 

Located on Sharer Road off North Monroe Street, this is a soul food restaurant with its famous turkey leg smothered in creamy shrimp alfredo sauce, topped with jumbo shrimp.

Agape’s Lemonade

This is a beverage truck that offers a variety of flavored lemonades, including strawberry, mango, pineapple, and more delicious options.

G&G Caribbean

Located on Apalachee Parkways, it is a Jamaican restaurant known for its tender oxtails that fall right off the bone along with other classic Caribbean dishes, including jerk chicken and plantains. And they  always fill up plates to capacity.

Giant Easy Snowballs

Located on South Monroe, this is a snow cone business that offers over 150 delightful flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth. They have unique flavors, including tiramisu, amaretto, and key lime pie.

Social Vegan

Located on West Georgia Street, this is a vegan restaurant with various plant-based foods, including tacos, nachos, wraps, sandwiches, and more. They also have social events to set the atmosphere.

Halisi Africa

Located in Railroad Square, this is an Afro-fusion restaurant with menu items like fufu paired with the egusi stew and jollof rice. Halisi Africa’s website says Afro-fusion combines spices, grains and other elements.

These Black-owned restaurants are unique and foodie-approved for Black History Month and beyond.