Nya Blocker: Breaking records and embracing growth

Photo of Nya Blocker courtesy: FAMU Athletics

Nya Blocker, a freshman from nearby Bainbridge, Georgia, has swiftly made her mark on the track and field scene at Florida A&M University. With an invincible spirit and a dedication to her craft that began in the seventh grade, she has already shattered school records and set her sights on even greater achievements.

Her recent success, breaking the women’s 200 m record with a stunning time of 23.63 seconds, is a testament to her exceptional speed and unwavering commitment to excellence. Notably, the record has remained unbroken since 2009, making Booker’s achievement remarkable. From the small-town tracks of Bainbridge to the grand stage of collegiate athletics, Booker’s journey embodies the essence of determination and the pursuit of greatness.

“I didn’t make any changes or adjustments to my training. I just trusted my coach and his training,” Booker said, emphasizing the importance of faith in the process. 

This trust propelled her toward greatness, culminating in a record-breaking performance that surprised even her. 

“I didn’t know I broke the record until my coach came and told me,” she said. 

At that moment, amidst the cheers and the embrace, Booker realized the extent of her achievement.

Behind every success, there are pillars of support. For Booker, her family and coaches back home in Bainbridge have been her true support system since day one. Their unwavering belief in her abilities fueled her dreams and propelled her forward through every stride.

Teammate Rori Lowe is most impressed with Booker’s work ethic.

“I would describe Nya as having a playful and vibrant work ethic. She brings a sense of joy and camaraderie to practice, often lightening the mood with her humor while maintaining a strong focus on the task. Her ability to balance fun with hard work creates a positive and energizing atmosphere for the team,” she said.

Athletic Director Tiffani-Dawn Sykes shared her admiration. “Nya’s record-setting performance at the SWAC championship left me in absolute awe. It’s always fun to see a freshman come in and shake things up. I look forward to watching her dominate the SWAC for the next few seasons,” Sykes said. 

With her sights set on even more incredible accomplishments, Booker’s journey is far from over. 

“This achievement motivates me because I know that this is only the beginning, and I can achieve so much more,” she said. 

To those who dare to chase their dreams and break barriers, Booker offers simple yet profound advice: “Just trust in your training and always keep a positive mindset.”  

As Nya Blocker continues to carve her legacy on the tracks of Florida A&M University, her story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring athletes everywhere. With each stride, she defies limits, embraces challenges and embodies the spirit of perseverance — a true testament to the power of dreams and strength.