Usher resonates with students from Atlanta

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As the world watched Usher Raymond light up the stage during Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas, his dedication to his hometown of Atlanta was evident.

For out-of-state students at Florida A&M University like Nyla Fulton and Sydney Lampkin, both originally from Atlanta, the performance was not just entertainment— it was a tribute to the city they call home.

Fulton, a fourth-year pre-occupational therapy student at FAMU, expressed her sentiments saying, “Watching the Super Bowl performance and seeing all the Atlanta elements integrated in the show made me feel very nostalgic.

“Having someone as big as Usher being an Atlanta native shine so much light on the city, displaying the culture, bringing out other musical legends born and raised in Atlanta, was a great show of representation,” Fulton added.

She pointed out some prominent aspects that served as a reminder of Atlanta’s rich cultural heritage, from the ATL Stomp to the presence of Atlanta-born artists like Lil Jon.

“My favorite part of the show was when Lil Jon was brought out onto stage, and they performed their song ‘Yeah!,'” she said. “With me being away from home and proud to be from Atlanta, this Super Bowl performance was an ode to Atlanta, and it made me very happy to see my city being represented on such a big stage.”

Lampkin, a third-year pharmacy candidate, echoed Fulton’s sentiments, saying, “From watching the Super Bowl halftime show, I was met with nostalgia that had my eyes glued to the TV screen.”

Lampkin reflected on the performance, noting, “The elements of Atlanta that I caught during the performance, such as Jermaine Dupri’s presence and the depiction of Atlanta’s nightlife through roller skaters and dancers. It felt like a love letter to our city,” she said.

Both admitted that watching the Super Bowl halftime show stirred a longing for home.

“Overall, from watching this performance, it made me realize I miss home a little,” Lampkin said. “It made me want to bring out my roller skates and dance along.”

Usher’s dedication to Atlanta on one of the world’s biggest stages resonated deeply with out-of-state students at FAMU who live hours away.

The performance served as a reminder of the city’s contributions to music, and the sense of pride that comes from calling Atlanta home.

As Usher proclaimed himself,  he took the world to the A.