Hard work pays off for Patrick

Jasmine Patrick, Photo courtesy: Patrick

Within Florida A&M University’s community of hard-working students lives a world of color and creativity crafted by the talented hands of Jasmine Patrick, a rising star in graphic design.

At just 20 years old, Patrick’s journey at FAMU has made a tremendous mark.

Patrick is from Atlanta, and she always knew that creativity was her birthright.

Patrick discovered her love for design at an early age. She developed her skills in a visual arts program from middle school to high school. In that time, she discovered the love of art and the world of graphics.

“I just knew that this was the career for me. I was so fascinated about the ways of combining technology and art to visually communicate different thoughts and ideas,” Patrick said.

The true feeling of loving what you do is the feeling of not working at all. Patrick’s ability to create is driven by passion and real-life experiences. Her inspiration is also drawn from her peers and classmates on campus. “The people that I am around, the campus, and my day-to-day interactions influence the work that I create and the stories that I tell,” Patrick said.

This is a competitive field, but she is creating her lane to grow and be the best.

Professor Alicia Hope, Patrick’s instructor, is impressed with Patrick’s artistry. “Her technical abilities are outstanding, and her creative touch is the secret sauce that distinguishes her without a doubt. I am super excited about her growth and the successful future she will have in the design industry,” Hope said.

Patrick has not only made strides in the classroom but her work can be seen on FAMU’s campus in the Bottom Café. She is leaving a legacy for future students to come.

 Patrick’s humble spirit shines through her work and she feels a sense of gratitude seeing one of her accomplishments.

“It feels surreal; to see my design on display and think, ‘I made that!’ One of my biggest goals when coming to FAMU was to make a mark here, leave a presence here, and I’m proud of myself for that,” Patrick said.

Professor Anthony Rundles, Patrick’s former instructor, is honored to have been a part of her journey at FAMU.

“She has a tremendously brilliant mind, great communication skills, is professional, and is an overall great person. The sky is the limit for her and above all,” Rundles said.

Patrick is goal-oriented and is looking for the next best project. One of her biggest goals is to be happy with her work and be a shining example in the Black community. “Not only do I want to expand my business, JPatrick Designs LLC, but in the field, I am pursuing, there are not many Black people on top. I want to occupy a space for other Black girls and boys who may want to pursue graphic design,” Patrick said.

Patrick is a firm believer in pursuing what you love and finding your voice.

“Be who you are, find what you are best at, and don’t be afraid to do what you love,” Patrick said.

Patrick is an example of a hard-working Rattler. Make sure to visit the Bottom Café to see her work.