FAMU cheer visits TMH cancer center

FAMU cheerleaders outside of Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center
Photo Courtesy: Nia Rankin

Florida A&M University athletics have a history of engaging with the community through implementing service into their athletic engagements. 

On Jan. 31, the FAMU cheer team visited the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Cancer Center to spend time with patients and spread joy to those fighting medical battles. It was a time of comradery and positive for both the athletes and patients. During their visit, the team witnessed individuals receiving treatment and spent time getting to know them on a personal level.

Nia Rankin, a graduating pre-physical therapy scholar, expressed how she enjoyed being in a new atmosphere where she was able to be a light to those in need.

“Being able to visit the hospital was a great experience,” Rankin said. “I’ve never been in an environment where you can see people get a dialysis, so I found it interesting to see, and it felt good to bring a smile to the patient’s face as they were getting their treatment.”

Rankins understands the fan base of FAMU Athletics and believes it is important to show up through community service efforts.

“It is very important for athletes to serve so people understand that there are various sides to what we do,” Rankin said. “People love FAMU, so they are always happy to see us participating in communal events.”

Florida A&M cheer team’s recent visit also offered inspiration for some members.

Kamryn Worrell, a first-year business administration student, felt reassured knowing that her team’s presence off the field made a positive impact.

“It was inspiring seeing the people we were helping and knowing that the little we did make their day so much better,” Worell said. “I know that these patients are going through a difficult time, so it meant a lot to me to be able to give back,” Worell added.

Worell believes it is important that they use their influence to invest in the greater good.

“Athletes are more visible on campus and are also student leaders,” Worell said. “It is important for us to serve and be role models within our community who give back to causes bigger than our sports.”

FAMU Cheer is constantly finding ways to bring about positive change in the surrounding neighborhoods. From efforts such as visiting cancer patients to reading to elementary school students, FAMU cheer understands the impact they can make outside of the sport.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital patients and staff were unable to give a quote at this time.