How students prepare for the Super Bowl

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We are hours away from Super Bowl LVIII. People across the nation are getting their outfits, food and party area ready to prepare for this annual event.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs are back for the second year in a row, and they will be playing the San Francisco 49ers at 6:30 pm. 

According to Nielson media company, Super Bowl LVII garnered 115.1 million views last year and that number is expected to be higher tonight. This year’s Super Bowl halftime performance is by R&B artist Usher, an eight-time Grammy Award-winning artist. Whether you’re a football fan, an Usher fan, or just excited to see the commercials, here are five ways students are preparing for the Super Bowl:

Organize a Super Bowl party 

Super Bowl parties are a must in college life. The game is more of an experience, so it is important to experience it with friends and loved ones.

 The hosts have the most on their plate, they are in charge of decorations, food and drinks for everyone, and making sure they have a big enough screen for everyone to be able to watch the game. 

Find a Super Bowl party

If you are not the one throwing the party then you are the one that has to find a party to go to. “I usually gather with friends and we all bring dishes. So like chips, guacamole, dip, and stuff.” FAMU cheerleader Briana Jackson said.

Prepare food

No Super Bowl event is complete without a Super Bowl spread. Depending on the party, the spread will vary. There’s always the classic game day food like wings, nachos, hamburgers and hot dogs but others might have some special additions like a taco stand, salad bar, or foods that fit a specific theme. 

Get ready for halftime 

This year’s Super Bowl halftime performance is brought to you by Apple Music, and they have selected Usher as the performing artist. Usher is a widely known artist with numerous hits and fans are excited to see which songs he performs. 

Apple Music has provided a playlist titled “USHER’s Road to Halftime.” It features hit songs like “U Don’t Have to Call,” “My Boo” featuring Alicia Keys, and “Confessions,” which Vice President Kamala Harris said she wanted him to perform last month in an interview. 

Place bets

Online betting has become very popular among college students and it has been made easy with apps like Hard Rock Bet and Prize Picks. It is not for everyone but a lot of students do partake in betting. 

“I’m checking the stats. I have to look at the player’s stats from each team and gauge how I think they will play against each other then I will bet,” FAMU student Jaden Pittman said. 

As the Super Bowl approaches and your excitement accelerates, whether you are going to a party or the one hosting, these tips will ensure your readiness for the game. So grab your wings, place your bets and get ready for Super Bowl LVIII.