FAMU unveils new connection

FAMU students on the Quad.
Photo courtesy: famu.edu

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University has launched a new form of networking for both undergraduate students and alums. FAMU Connect is a new space where graduates and undergraduates can stay in touch and network while cultivating culture.

Students and alums can sign up for famuconnect.com through LinkedIn, Gmail, or Facebook.

Myah Kemp, a fourth-year business administration student, says there are many benefits for undergraduate students using FAMU Connect.

“This allows us students to secure connections during our collegiate career so that we will not scramble once they graduate,” Kemp said. “Students should heavily rely on their FAMU alumni network to gain professional experience and secure jobs in their post-graduate life.”

FAMU says the percentage of students finding a job post or one year after graduation has increased by almost 10 percent every year since 2018.

Kemp says that if these numbers increased before FAMU Connect, the percentage of students securing a job post-graduation could increase even more.

Devonique Taylor, fall 2022 graduate of FAMU, also says the FAMU Connect could benefit undergraduate students for career opportunities. She says the current job market relies more on who you know more than what you know. Taylor also says the network can be beneficial to alums.  

“It can connect us to current students who may have new connections or opportunities we were not previously aware of,” Taylor said. “Younger students sometimes have new perspectives, knowledge, and access to resources alumni might not have; this can be used to connect them.”

Devin Nobles, a senior engineering scholar, says that FAMU is stepping in the right direction with the FAMU Connect. He mentions how other universities, such as Florida State University, have networks like FAMU Connect, such as HireANole. Nobles thinks this is an excellent time for FAMU to hop on board.

“As Rattlers, we connect ourselves through media, but nothing creative by us in the forms of networking,” Nobles said. “Not all Rattlers have a Facebook or these media accounts; this localizes to our community and helps us connect.”

Nobles noted that while FAMU Connect shares similarities with LinkedIn,  the platform could have a more significant impact locally. He implies that tutorials for FAMU Connect could be added to the curriculum for undergraduate students.

Nobles suggests this also helps push the FAMU Connect to gain more attention. Kemp, Taylor, and Nobles all say that FAMU needs to continue to publicize this new network. Taylor also mentioned that she learned about the networking platform after its launch.

Alongside adding FAMU Connect to the curriculum, the undergraduate students and alums believe more information should be sent out through FAMU’s new Daily Venom, billboards, professors, and extra-curricular activities such as the FAMU Basketball Game.

They believe FAMU Connect can benefit students beyond FAMU and is a great way to show that the network continues once you leave FAMU