Housing scholarship opens doors for students

Photo Courtesy:  Southern Scholarship Foundation
Photo Caption : SFF Logo

College can be quite expensive. From meal plans to tuition and books, college can be financially draining for the next 4 years of your career. 

After tuition, housing is considered the most expensive item on a college campus. With Florida A&M University’s housing averaging around three thousand dollars, housing can be expensive, especially for families with financial struggles or needs. 

For those students who experience financial struggle and need, The Southern Scholarship Foundation (SSF) is here to take housing off of students’ plates and make the college experience more affordable. 

According to the Southern Scholarship Foundation website, SSF has helped thousands of students with outstanding academic abilities, good character, and financial need realize their dream of a college education.

The SSF has partnered with various schools including, Florida A&M University,  The University of Florida, Florida State University, Santa Fe College, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Tallahassee Community College to provide students with financial needs a chance to have a bright future.

According to a past recipient of the SSF Teresa Turner, she believes that SSF stands for much more.

“If SSF stood for something other than Southern Scholarship Foundation, it would be Saving Someone Forever.”

To qualify for this scholarship, students must meet the following requirements: a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA, a letter of recommendation, a completed FAFSA form, be under 25 years old, and be enrolled in one of the partnered universities. If you meet all those requirements this scholarship is meant for you and could be life-changing and money-saving. So don’t wait too long because the deadline for housing for the upcoming fall semester is April 1st.

Not only does the SSF offer housing, but it also offers a variety of other tools, such as household dinners, community social events, leadership and development opportunities and so much more. 

Past recipient, Kiran Lalani thinks that SSF was the best decision she ever made. 

“I can say that when I leave SSF,  I will leave without having any student loans, and I will leave with numerous lifelong friends.”

It doesn’t hurt to apply. You have nothing to lose but all the more to gain. No matter where you are from or who you are, this scholarship is for everyone. Don’t be afraid to apply and take a leap of faith. Who knows, you might be the next Southern Scholarship Foundation recipient. But you will never know until you try.

If you are interested in applying for housing assistance, please feel free to visit the  Southern Scholarship Foundation website.